more than a production space, our studio is an inspiring canvas waiting to bring people together.

film, photo, exhibitions, events, creative and entrepreneurial projects have a home here. if you have a project that would be a good fit for our space - please reach out.




3,000 SF Back studio

CYC Dimensions:  

  • Height= 14’5”

  • Width (curve to curve)=30’8” 

  • Depth=32’

Large enough for automotive shoots 

Enclosed Shipping Crate

  • Video Editing

  • Client Staging

  • Dressing Room

  • Storage


Full bathroom with shower

Double garage door entry

Loft lounge


7,000 SF building

Small natural light studio wall

Office space 

Film dark room

Additional kitchenette and bathroom

Music/recording studio 

​Gated parking lot


The Gathering Coffee Co. - Coming Soon



RED Cinema Camera Package

ARRI Alexa Mini Camera 

  • Anamorphic License

  • ARRIRAW License

ARRI Anamorphic Lens Set

  • Master Anamorphic 35mm

  • Master Anamorphic 50mm

  • Master Anamorphic 100mm

Easy Rig

11 Motorolla Walkie Talkies with headsets

Camera AKS 

3x Sky Panel Lights (Alt. brand)